B.Tech Students

B.Tech - 2015

  • Name Roll. No
    Adil Arun Dangui ME15BTECH11001
    Alishetty Sitanshu ME15BTECH11002
    Aman Chaurasia ME15BTECH11003
    Ashutosh Sharma ME15BTECH11004
    Bayela Sai Raj ME15BTECH11006
    Bharath SS ME15BTECH11007
    Koumudhi D ME15BTECH11008
    Deepak Nathani ME15BTECH11009
    Deshbhratar Rahul Suresh ME15BTECH11010
    Dubba Tharun Reddy ME15BTECH11012
    Dugyala Sanath Rao ME15BTECH11013
    Duppala Sai Chand ME15BTECH11014
    Harshwardhan Praveen ME15BTECH11015
    Ishan A Maurya ME15BTECH11016
    Jinaga Sandeep ME15BTECH11017
    Koganti Jaswanth ME15BTECH11018
    Kushagra Saxena ME15BTECH11019
    Anirudhya M ME15BTECH11020
    Malipeddi Rajavardhan Reddy ME15BTECH11021
    Ashok Naik N ME15BTECH11022
    Nagallapati Ravi Teja ME15BTECH11023
    Nagrare Sameer Satyasheel ME15BTECH11024
    Nikhil Rangari ME15BTECH11025
    Lalith Sai Srinivas P ME15BTECH11026
    Peddi Revanth ME15BTECH11027
    Pondala Krishna Hemanth ME15BTECH11028
    Praveen Kumar ME15BTECH11029
    Rahul Alam ME15BTECH11030
    Rangoju Vidyasagar ME15BTECH11031
    Rudavath Prathima ME15BTECH11032
    Sanabathula Dheeraj ME15BTECH11034
    Siddhartha Goutam ME15BTECH11035
    Sourabh Hans ME15BTECH11036
    Thathapudi Enoch Joseph ME15BTECH11037
    Kanishk Reddi Katakam ME15BTECH11038

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The future of the world is going to be technology driven and knowledge driven. For India to be self-sufficient technologically, Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering will invest in state-of-the-art manufacturing technology and address the issue of energy in the context of the global energy environment. The current 


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