Dr. K. Venkata Subbiah
Dr. Raja Bannerjee

Mr. P. Raju

Mr. V. Srikanth


Basic Fluid Mechanics Setups
The lab equipped with six experimental set ups to measure and understand the basic principles of fluid mechanics: density, viscosity, specific gravity, pressure, coefficient of discharge of various flow meters, friction loss through pipes, bends, sudden expansion and contraction, stability of floating bodies.
1. Hydrostatics and Properties of Fluids
2. Impact of Jet
3. Flow Measurement
4. Fluid Friction Apparatus
5. Flow through Rectangular/ V Notches
6. Flow Channel
Sub Sonic Wind Tunnel
The wind tunnel equipped with data acquisition and flow visualization facility to find the flow characteristics and aerodynamic forces. This facility can be used to do research in the fields of Aerodynamics.
Velocity : 0 to 36 m/s
Test Section : 305 mm x 305 mm
Total Length : 3.7 m
Models : Flat plate, Cylinder, Aerofoil with and without flap