Ongoing Projects

  1. Development and Validation of Predictive Models for Forming of Large Components using Double Sided Incremental Forming and Studies on Difficult to Form Materials using Hybrid Approaches (75.39 lakhs), SERB (EMR)-DST, PI: N. Venkata Reddy, Co-PIs: Pinaki Prasad B., Venkatesham B. and Suryakumar S., Duration: Sep 2016 - Sep 2019.
  2. Development of Electric Pulse Aided Forming Processes, UAY Project (Government of India Initiative) (In collaboration with TATA STEEL) Duration: 2016- , (Approved)
  3. Development of Low Frequency Noise Control Sheet Absorber: A Biomimetic Solution (80.76 lakhs), TSDP-DST, PI: Venkatesham, Co-PI: Suryakumar, Duration: Apr 2016 - Apr 2019.
  4. Some studies on Incremental Forming, Boeing, Since 2011

Completed Projects

  1. Development of magnetic pulse welding technology for joining dissimilar materials: stainless steel and aluminium alloys (9,76,000 INR), Defence Research and Development Laboratory, Duration: 2013-2015.
  2. Evaluation of machinability characteristics of Ti-6AI-4V Titanium alloy with conventional and eco-friendly cutting fluids (9,80,000 INR), Aeronautical Research and Development Board, PI: Abhay Sharma, Duration: 2016-2018.
  3. Friction stir welding of thermoplastics (16,20,000 INR), Department of Science and Technology, PI: Abhay Sharma, Duration: 2012-2015.
  4. Friction stirring of cylindrical surfaces (5,00,000 INR), Seed grant IITH, PI: Abhay Sharma, Duration: 2011-2013.
  5. Machining of pure tungsten with improved productivity and quality (24,92,000 INR), Defence Research and Development Laboratory,Duration: 2015-2017.
  6. Manufacture of Functionally Gradient Objects through Weld-Deposition (20.64 lakhs), DST under Fast Track scheme for Young Scientist, Duration: Sep 2013 - Sep 2015.
  7. Development of an Integrated Metal Additive and Formative Manufacturing System to Enhance Product Complexity and Properties (45.00 lakhs), AMT-DST, PI: Suryakumar, Co-PI: N. Venkata Reddy (approved).
  8. Machining of Pure Tungsten with Improved Productivity and Quality (24.59 lakhs), DRDL Hyderabad, PI: Abhay Sharma, Co-PI: Suryakumar, Duration: Jun 2015 - Jun 2016.
  9. Simulation and experimental studies in dissimilar metal weld procedure for turbine casing applications Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (17,00,000 INR), PI:Dr. Abhay Sharma.
  10. Single Point Incremental Forming of Ti Alloys, DRDO, Delhi,Duration: 2011-2012.
  11. The melting phenomenon in waveform-controlled submerged arc welding(60,00,000 JPY), A joint project between Hitachi, Zosen, IIT Hyderabad, and Joining and Welding Research Institute (JWRI) Osaka University, PI: Abhay Sharma, (2016-2018).
  12. Thermal Management Approaches for Distortion Control in Metal Additive Manufacturing Component (9.54 lakhs), Boeing (Bangalore), PI: Suryakumar, Co-PI: Abhay Sharma, Jul 2017 - Jun 2018.