Staff:  Mr. R. Kiran Kumar, Mr. B. Lingamiah  

Electrical wiring :

A student here learns of about electrical components and get know about their functions and how to operate them and making circuits using electrical components and to understanding electrical wiring design in home and learn about electrical connections or connecting cables and practice of varies types of electrical circuits and applications of electricity in daily life, safety measures etc.


    • One lamp controlled by one switch.
    • Two lamps controlled by two switches.
    • Design a circuit to control a lamp with Electronic fan regulator as Dimmer.
    • Two lamps and one wall socket.
    • Stair case wiring.
    • Stair case wiring with Two way switches.
    • Florescent tube connection.
    • Florescent tube on DC circuit.
    • Design a circuit to start and stop the given lamp by using push buttons switches
    • Design a circuit to control two lamps alternately using a 2 c/o Relay contacts.