Staff:  Mr. D. Ashok  

Hydraulics and Pneumatics:

Fluid power is the technology that deals with the generation, control and transmission of power using pressurized fluids. Fluid power is used to push, pull, regulate, or drive virtually all the machines of modern industry. For example, fluid power steers and brakes automobiles, launches spacecraft, moves earth, harvests crops, mines coal, drives machine tools, controls airplanes, processes food and even drills teeth.

Fluid power is called hydraulicswhen the fluid is a liquid and is called pneumatics when the fluid is a gas. Hydraulic systems use liquids such as petroleum oils, synthetic oils and water. Pneumatic systems use air as the gas medium because air is very abundant and can be readily exhausted in the atmosphere after completing its assigned task.

Here in this lab students learns about various components of pneumatics, electro pneumatics and hydraulics and they build circuits for various machines.

Students are involved in building the circuits for the following machines:

    Allocating device, Separating parcel port, Edge folding device, Marking machine Embossing machine, Pressing machine, Rotary indexing table, Furnace door control, Drilling machine, Ferry load ramp and Rotary machining station