Staff: Mr. A. Praveen Kumar        
 Mr. Promod Maroti Lohkare  

FRP & Plastics lab.
In modern technological world, polymers are playing increasingly important role as a second principal category of materials i.e. next to metals and alloys. Synthetic polymers are plastics, rubber, soap, dyes, lubricant, solvent, adhesives, explosives etc. Basically polymers are having long chain structures, in which carbon is combined with hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, halogens and other organic or inorganic substances upon which plastic is one among the polymer.


Plastics may be defined as organic materials having two or more long chain monomers that can be easily shaped or molded by mechanical or chemical actions with or without application of heat and pressure.


1. Plastic Injection moulding
2. Plastic welding
3. FRP hand layup process
4. Resin open casting