Staff:  Mr. K. Sathyanarayana, Mr. M. Praveen Kumar
 MD. Umar Shariff, Promod Maroti Lohkare, A. Praveen Kumar, M. Madhu Babu  

Machine Shop  
Machining is a process of converting the given work piece into the required shape and size with the help of machine tool. Lathe is one of the most familiar and oldest machine tool, which is used in any workshop. Lathe is also called as "father of machine tools". The lathe is used to produce cylindrical components with various profiles. This is accomplished by securely and rigidly holding the work piece on the machine and turning it against the cutting tool which removes the metal from the work piece in the form of chips.


1. Facing & Longitudinal turning
2. Step turning & taper turning
3. Chamfering & drilling