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Mechanics and Design Curriculum

CID  Course Name Credits
ME5010 Mathematical Methods for Engineers 3
ME5110 Advanced Mechanics of Solids 3
ME5120 Dynamics and Vibration 3
ME5130 Finite Element Method 3
ME5421 FEM Lab 1
ME5451 Computational Mathematics Lab 1
  Core Electives (either from Group-1 or Group-2 in the list given below) 3
  Total Credits  17
CID  Course Name Credits
  Core Electives  12
ME5911 Design Engineering Core Lab II 2
  Free Electives  1
  Total Credits 15
CID  Course Name Credits
ME6106 Seminar Course 1
ME6005 Thesis (Stage1) 14
  Total Credits  15
CID  Course Name Credits
ME6505 Thesis (Stage2) 15
  Total Credits  15
List of Core Electives for Mechanics & Design (SEMESTER-I)
  CID Course Name Credits
Group-1 ME5030 Fluid Mechanics & Heat Transfer 1.5
ME5040 Computational Fluid Dynamics Tools 1.5
Group-2 ME5050 Material Science & Material Selection 1.5
ME5190 Manufacturing Processes 2
ME5070 Design for Manufacturability & Assembly  1
ME5080 Scaling Laws & Multi-scale Manufacture 1
List of Core Electives for Mechanics & Design (SEMESTER-II)
CID Course Name Credits
ME7100 Advanced Topics in Mathematical Tools  3
ME5610 Fracture Mechanics 3
ME5640 Multibody Dynamics>  3
ME5630 Nonlinear Oscillation 3
ME5650 Engineering Noise Control>  3
ME5670 Vehicle Dynamics>   3
ME5690 Advanced FEM 3
ME5260 Continuum Mechanics 3
Total Credits {17 + 15 + 15 + 15 } = 62 

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